Rules & Terms of Use

We hope our rules are simple, and clear. Please report the abuse of these rules to, or use the menu options that allow you to report said abuse.

Explicit Content

Dont post explicit content. It will reported, and the Content will be deleted by Fetch Fido

Harassing Breeders

Reported harassment of other Breeders could result in your account getting banned.

Dont List Multiple Dogs on one Card

If you're trying to announce upcoming litters, mark your Dog as pregnant, helping it come up on search. We prefer this as opposed to what other sites have, were users post a whole litter under one ad. Fetch Fido is Dog Centric, so each ad/Card is for one specific Dog.

Dont copy other Dog Cards

Unless you physically buy the dog from someone, don't copy the Dog Card of another person. You can see this on sites like Instagram, where fraudelent Breeders copy the posts of another breeder to trick people into sending them money.